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What is StudioCamel and why I started it?

Posted in Snapshots | March 11th, 2017

What is StudioCamel and why I started it?

I have always thought my passion lies in design or software development but the truth is I only enjoy design and development because they are the main processes in creating a product which is my true passion and source of enthusiasm, the idea of creating and developing a product that people enjoy using is the thing that makes me willing to go the extra mile.

You know the saying “Do what you love, and you will never work another day in your life”, this is exactly why I started, if I enjoy creating products that fit the consumer needs, why don’t I do it as a job? I have been working as a part-time freelance designer and developer for years but never tried to establish a real digital agency business that can actually grow in the future to offer services based on the same philosophy I believe in which is that business, product design and development should go hand in hand to create a perfectly finished product.

You can check out the services I’m offering and my previous work on StudioCamel website.

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Posted in Thoughts & Misc | January 6th, 2017


Timing, I see it everywhere, businesses that made it big because they existed at a perfect timing when the market needed their services and was ready for them while if they launched earlier or later they could have failed. People who if I met in a different time we couldn’t have gone a long or maybe the complete opposite, our relationship could have worked out or been much better than it’s now. That life decision that was too early or too late or luckily it was at the right timing and made me foolishly wish I have done it years ago.

You would be a fool if you think you can beat or change timing, it doesn’t work out this way, wise men know how to fit in the current time and make the best out of it.

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It’s just a phase..

Posted in Snapshots | December 1st, 2016


Last December I broke up with my ex girl friend, it was a cold night, just like tonight, I remember I was driving home so fast because all I wanted at that moment was to get to my warm bed. I had problems at my work at that time too, things were not going well for me at that period in general and I was hoping it was just a phase.

Apparently it was not just a phase, it was a roller coaster ride over the past year, things still didn’t go well but tonight is very cold and it’s getting colder every year. Maybe I over analyze things as my philosophical Greek friend always tells me.
When I was 20 I thought when I turn 25 I would be much more settled down than I’m today, I turned 26 last October, time is ticking, it’s ticking faster these days. I miss my warm bed, Good night.

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Egypt is not only falling behind new technologies

Posted in Thoughts & Misc | May 14th, 2016

Egypt is not only falling behind new technologies

Chatbots are the latest technology trend, most people are using online messaging in their daily routine, chatbots will automate things like customer service, ordering food, booking flights and performing other simple tasks.

I wanted to dig more into chatbots technology and try to create a simple application, there are many open source smart bot engines that are able to turn natural language (including Arabic) into structured data. The problem is there is a huge difference between Arabic language and the Egyptian slang, this means it’s very hard to make use of the chatbots technology unless you force people to use proper Arabic instead of the slang they speak everyday.

On a bigger scale, self driving cars and autopilot systems are no longer science-fiction, Tesla is offering highway auto-steering capabilities to its customers and it’s keep getting better, However, it’s impossible to apply such a technology in Egypt with the current driving culture and transport infrastructure.

There are other examples that prove that Egypt is not only falling behind new technologies but we actually don’t have what it takes to catch up and apply these technologies in our systems. I believe it’s all back to the poor education system we have but that’s another huge topic to discuss later in a separate blog post.

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8 habits that changed my life for the better

Posted in Thoughts & Misc | April 8th, 2016

8 habits that changed my life for the better

Some great small habits can dramatically improve your day to day life, they may seem small but the rewards are enormous. Here are 8 habits that I have been practicing for awhile for a better life and I think they might work for you too:

  1. Drinking 3 liters of water at work
    You probably know about the endless benefits of keeping yourself hydrated but many of us don’t drink enough water, so I bought a nice bottle and kept it on my desk at work and made sure I fill it 3 times a day, it was the easiest way to encourage myself to stay hydrated.
  2. No dinner
    This will not only help you lose weight but it will also make you feel fresh in the morning, I stopped eating dinner except for the days I hit the gym at night, I only eat a tuna can after working out.
  3. To do list
    By listing your daily tasks clearly you will be more motivated to get them done. I’m using a notebook along with Google Keep app to write down my to-do lists with priorities.
  4. Googling every question
    If you looked at my daily search history you will find a bunch of different stuff, I’m always curious and the internet is almost a perfect place to get answers for your questions and widen your knowledge.
  5. Avoid online arguments
    They are useless, time wasting and you will rarely win an online argument, people actually tend to be much more aggressive behind the screen than they would to your face.
  6. No soda
    Soda is definitely an addiction and it’s bad for your body in every single way, it’s bad for your heart, brain, teeth, bones, kidney and of course it’s a major cause of obesity. I have cut out soda from my diet for around 5 months now and I don’t think I will ever need to drink it again.
  7. Relax while driving
    Most of us spend a lot of time behind the wheel and believe it or not, driving is probably the most dangerous thing you do in your everyday life. I decided to calm down every time I drive, I put on music I like and enjoy the ride as much as I can.
  8. Going to the Gym Twice a Week
    I work a full time job in the morning and 2 part time jobs at night so I have a full schedule like most of us but working out to stay in shape is essential even if it’s only two times a week – usually on the weekend -, you will still see a difference.
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The difference between confidence and security in a relationship

Posted in Thoughts & Misc | February 20th, 2016

Difference between confidence and security in a relationship

I have learned the difference the hard way but I’m glad I did early enough. Most people confuse being confident with being secure, while confidence and security may sound similar, there’s still a fine line between the two definitions and there are a lot of people who are confident but not secure enough.

Being secure is more related to being emotionally mature and having a viewpoint to the big picture, For example you might be confident about your look but to be secure you may accept your partner to compliment other men/women look too and you don’t have to compare your self to anyone. A secure partner wouldn’t mind you meeting other people who may be your friends without him/her being around, while an insecure partner wouldn’t want you to meet or talk to other friends even if he/she is around.

Emotional insecurity makes you needy and clingy and may actually lead to aggressive behavior, and of course no one would like to be with a control freak.

Being with a secure partner makes you feel warm and comfortable. While both partners should be secure for a successful relationship, it’s very natural that a woman can be less secure and more demanding. I think security might be the most attractive quality a woman could have in her man but if there’s a silver line fine between confidence and security, there’s a golden line between security and carelessness.

Last but not least, no one makes you feel insecure, your partner may only make you discover the insecure part of you, and If you’re insecure don’t try to hide it by acting arrogant, but try to change your perspectives deep inside.

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Pushing against time

Posted in Snapshots | January 25th, 2016


I work 3 jobs, I finish my full time job at 5 pm then I have lunch and start my other 2 part-time jobs at 7 pm from home, and of course I don’t sleep before midnight. In the weekend I usually learn or read about some new skill related to work because if I don’t, it feels like I’m falling behind.
I’m always in a rush, I have my lunch everyday at one of the same three or four restaurants that are in my way home from work so I don’t waste extra time driving to a new place, I’m texting my friends while I’m working (luckily there’s a web version for Whatsapp), and I hit the gym only one time on the weekend. I always feel like I’m pushing against time, my to-do list never ends, it’s exhausting and draining.

Of course I’m working more than one job for financial reasons and I’m fine with my total paycheck at the end of the month, I treat myself in the weekends, I enjoy life but in a hurry, I’m worried because I’m not sure when I’m going to set back and relax, breath, work on my dream of starting my own business or maybe even start my own family.

I hope the next time I read this snapshot post in the future, I’m well paid from only one job or I figure out away to have a more balanced life.

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Boring comfort zone snapshot

Posted in Snapshots | January 17th, 2016

Boring comf

Right after graduation I worked on my first real startup “Witdip”, I spent around a year learning, developing and testing, it was a year full of tons of experiences, sleepless nights, doubts and disappointments at some stages, Although Witdip had a potential and it was featured in a couple of popular online blogs like Arageek, Alarabiya and Tech-wd, things didn’t work out eventually and I sold the whole project for a few thousand bucks to a Syrian journalist who renamed the project to  and he is relaunching it soon with some interesting improvements.

My 2016 Resolutions list didn’t include developing a new startup resolution but it did include moving to another job position with a higher salary, unfortunately I’m more into staying in the comfort zone of a full time job for some more time right now, I think I’m not ready enough to take the risk of dedicating my time and emotions into building my own startup again at the moment, but I’m sure I was never meant to work for someone for the rest of my life, I actually miss the excitement of designing and developing my own product, waking up every morning with a head full of new ideas for my growing project, breathing the dream of a successful business throughout the day, a business that makes big headlines.

I’m planning to learn Android development this year, maybe this will bring the excitement back and get things rolling again.

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Before falling in love

Posted in Thoughts & Misc | January 9th, 2016

Before falling in love

First things first, love is an amazing feeling, it’s probably the most beautiful feeling in the world but it is dangerous, once it gets over you, it can be your greatest weakness if it’s not perfectly mutual and by mutual I mean both sides have the same exact amount of need which is a very rare case because feelings usually fade and we are on a timer most of the times.

I think that better than love is that phase right before falling in love, that romantic phase full of passion, massive infatuation and shades of friendship, you are attracted and curious but you still have some sort freedom and space, you need your partner to stay but if they left it will not hurt as much as when you are in love. It’s some sort of unconditional love, you feel so happy but you are not expecting much in return, there is no big need involved in this.

Unfortunately this phase doesn’t last long enough and if you stayed, it will eventually lead to love before you know it because the whole relationship is like a gradient, you don’t know exactly when things take place. If you are mature enough you will know how to control your feelings and you will understand when to leave if needed.

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The art of telling people what they want to hear

Posted in Thoughts & Misc | September 29th, 2015

The art of telling people what they want to hear
I’m always honest when needed but words are dangerous and not everything needs to be said, words can help you make friends, be loved, be heard or even help you move your career forward, so part of wisdom and maturity is knowing how to use your words and this is why I’m learning and practicing the art of telling people what they want to hear.

It’s not about not to disappoint them or that I need to avoid the likes of conflict and it’s definitely not about fooling anyone, the point is that most people don’t try to see things out of their perspective and they expect you to see the world with your feet in their shoes, like when people ask for advice, most of the time they don’t really seek advice, they usually make up their minds and then they only seek for encouragement.

Listening is the key, when people talk about their life, experiences, dreams..etc, I have learned to listen carefully and dig for something interesting in their speech, because that’s what they want, they want to feel that they have an interesting story. It’s all about respect, everyone has a story to tell and everyone needs to be heard.

Telling people what they want to hear is truly an art that needs a lot of practice to perfect it and to earn it with only a few words.

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The illusion of how we progress

Posted in Thoughts & Misc | September 4th, 2015

Whether you’re starting your career or doing a dramatic career shift or even learning a new skill, if you are ambitious enough, you will soon feel that there is too much to learn and you are way behind most people in that field and you better get back to your comfort zone. I have been in this situation a couple of times before and thankfully those sleepless nights didn’t get me to give up before I realized that it’s all about our perspective of how we progress.

You will start by learning different things in different parts in the new field/skill you have chosen, and until you put these pieces together and connect the dots, you will create an illusionary perspective of how large and hard things are and how slow your progress is.

Illusionary Perspective

But the fact is this is not how we progress and being lost in a huge circle of knowledge is just a wrong way to look at things. We progress in a more of a conical shape, where we start with a narrow view and progress into a wider view where things get clearer and easier to understand and learn.
Conical Perspective

The biggest challenge is to overcome the difficulties of the narrow view part and not giving up too soon.

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Back to blogging again

Posted in Snapshots | August 27th, 2015

Back to blogging again

After my old blog was deleted by mistake two years ago – I didn’t have any backups -, I’m blogging again and this time I chose “Life snapshots” as a title for the blog because that’s what I really want to write about, snapshots of my life that I can go through and read them in the future.

This blog will probably be a bit boring if you don’t personally know me, and it will be even more boring if you actually do.

I will try to blog every week or something but for now you can read the About me page.

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